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The many waterfalls of Ilhabela is an attraction for those looking to cool off and enjoy the summer on the coast of Sao Paulo. In them you get a chance to relax and enjoy the ride without worrying about anything. It is worth knowing that side of Ilhabela that few know.

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Ilhabela has several lovely waterfalls that make your trip even more memorable.

The course of the river forms small falls, perfect for slipping into the crystal clear pools. That is what the waterfall Lage has to offer for you. Access is by trail leading to the beach Bonete and requires 50 minutes of light walk.

Most famous of Ilhabela, the waterfall is good for swimming and adventure - the stronger showers fall from a height of three meters and several drops form long toboggans. Access is by road to the Castilians.

Access is not the easiest - 40 minute walk along the trail, but worth it. The Cat waterfall is 50 meters down, forming natural pools of clear water. Access is by road to the Castilians.

Easily accessible, the beach is Tombos Three of the Witch. The large and beautiful falls forming natural pools lined with greenery. Access is by the beach of the Witch.

The largest waterfall is 65 meters from Ilhabela, forming five wells and clear waters perfect for swimming. We are talking about the White Water, which has access from the lobby of the State Park and the walk lasts one hour.


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