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A infinity of waterfalls makes the city one of the best in the country to relax and also to practice adventure sports. There are many options, from the highest and deepest to the most shallow and low.

Waterfall of Astor

The first drop of 25 meters, is accessible by steep walk of five minutes. That way, the highlights are the baths and the practice of canyoning for beginners. The second drop, 35 meters requires 40 minutes of track.

Waterfall Cassorova

The set consists of two falls falling Cassorova,. 45 meters and falling Quatis, with 42 meters. Both are by cessíveis ssegunda staircase and walking and is quite popular to practice canyoning.

Waterfall Hammer

Hidden on the farm Pinheirinho, the waterfall of 55 meters is accessible after a half hour walk in the woods and river crossing. During the course may be seen from the waterfall spring 20 meters.

Waterfall of the grasshopper

The waterfall is accompanied by a wall of 75 meters. The scenario is exploited by the cascading fans, who practice the activity at night. Two waterfalls complete the set: Monjolinho with Horseshoe and 12 meters with 47 meters.

Waterfall Bela Vista

The set is formed by the waterfalls of the Apes (25 meters), Bela Vista (15 meters) and Coconut (15 meters), accessible by trails.

Waterfall White Water

It is a favorite for swimming, because it has a fall of 15 meters so natural.Seu pool is accessed by road to Heritage, 20 kilometers from the center Brotas

Three Falls Waterfall

Falls are waterfalls formed by the springs with 5 meters, 15 meters Swallows and Figueira to 40 meters. The last two are wanted for the practice of canyoning.


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