Waterfall Pedra Branca

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The waterfall of Pedra Branca has several waterfalls and makes your trip even more beautiful
The amount of existing waterfalls in Parati is huge, and one of them, perhaps the most attention is the call Waterfall Pedra Branca, one of the most beautiful of the country wide and large stones allow you to climb the waterfall and feel the waterfalls falling perfectly on you. A lovely experience.

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A beautiful waterfall with several waterfalls and many wells and pools. The Waterfall Pedra Branca has access by road to Pedra Branca, after the location of the White Bridge, 500m from the headquarters of the Farm and Mill Murycana.

His landscapes have a little charm and history of the place. The waterfall is located next to the ruins of the first power plant serving the Banana Flour Mill Prince Dom Joao de Orleans e Bragança.

Who does not own a car can use the line Penha Paraty, leaving the road to Paraty. Much sought after by tourists, residents and visitors, the waterfall is the Pedra Branca provides for unforgettable moments of joy and pleasure.


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