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Walmart Orlando is one of the largest and offers you a variety of products
If you already fascinated with the Walmart of Brazil, then it will be crazy when we know the Walmart Supercenter in Orlando. It is just amazing, both in variety of products as a matter of price. One difference is that they sell unique items at Disney, for a price slightly less salty than the official shops.

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Meet an American supermarket is the dream of every Brazilian, because that´s where you can find everything good and better with an unbeatable price.

As everyone knows, the supermarket chain Walmart is one of the best known in the world, and could not leave out one of their stores in Orlando.

In it you´ll find everything from electronics to food, clothing and cosmetics through. What´s more, all with low prices, especially for us Brazilians.

Right off the bat you realize that Walmart Orlando is nothing like the Walmart of Brazil. Outside you will find really huge stores that sell all kinds of products at great prices.

In the opinion of those who know Orlando, the best Walmart network is located at number 3250 in Vineland Road, Lake Buena Vista, near the Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores. Some people say he is better than the others because of being open from Sunday to Sunday, 24 hours a day, and has a wide variety of products.

Another difference is that it sells various Disney items, from towels to teddy pelúci for a price much lower than that practiced in parks and official stores.


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