Visconde de Maua

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About Visconde de Maua

Viscount Maua is a district of the municipality of Resende, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
More broadly, the name Viscount Maua is assigned to all the towns of Maua, Maring and Maromba and its many valleys, like the Vale das Cruzes, Alcantilado, Peacock and grass.

The region includes the municipalities of Resende and Itatiaia in the state of Rio, and Bocaina de Minas, in Minas Gerais. The villages are, on average, 40 kilometers from the headquarters of these municipalities.

Hidden in the Serra da Mantiqueira, and the border between the states of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro, Viscount of Maua is one of the busiest winter refuges in the Southeast. The 1,300 meters of altitude, the village and its surroundings reserves pleasant surprises to visitors who see the dirt roads full of hairpin bends and many holes to discover the charms of the region.

Upstairs, tourists find a more romantic butterflies and lush nature, are faced with a first-cuisine dishes made with trout, pinion and fondues, always served by the fireplace in charming restaurants, and cozy inns, perfect for a honeymoon.

The comfort and perks, however, did not exclude her from Maua jeito hippie and, much less, its rustic scenery framed by pines, valleys, waterfalls and rapids formed by the Black River.

Waterfalls like the slide, the potion Maromba and Santa Clara remain clean and plentiful, as well as the Valley Alcantilado, preferred for those traveling with little ones. In small squares and sidewalks, crafts and alternative offer, even on cold nights, animated wheels follow guitar late into the night.

To better understand Maua, know that the region is divided into three villages: Viscount of Maua, the gateway with lodges, restaurants and services; Maring, the busiest, gathering transados ​​Maromba establishments and, true to the style and frequented by riponga young. Connected by dirt roads and surrounded by a multitude of trails, do the hiking, horseback riding and biking the best ways to explore its nooks.


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