Vila Velha

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About Vila Velha

Old Town is a city in the state of Espírito Santo, and was founded on May 23, 1535 with the name of the Holy Spirit Vila, ranks as the oldest city in the state, the Portuguese Vasco Fernandes Coutinho, the donee Captaincy of the Holy Spirit, and hosted the captaincy until 1549, when it was transferred to Victoria and the city now has the current name. It is the largest city of the Holy Spirit, ahead of the capital, Victoria, with about 414 000 inhabitants.

The six beautiful beaches of Vila Velha attract residents of neighboring Victoria, arriving at the destination via the bridges connecting the two cities. The hustle that happens day and night on the beach of Costa framed by sidewalk, bike lane, kiosks, bars, restaurants and hotels.

Already Ponta da Barra do Jucu Fruit and meet the gang of surfing. Rustic and tranquil atmosphere of the beaches offer fishing village, little churches and lakes for canoeing.

Complete the picture of the whale beaches with good waves; Itapoã, sought to practice volleyball and soccer, and Itaparica, with transparent waters, strong waves and constant motion on behalf of the kiosks.

To enjoy the natural beauty of the tall, head to the Convent of Nossa Senhora da Penha, one of the country´s oldest, built in 1558. Construction is one of the postcards of the state and sits atop a hill of 154 meters.

Add to the cultural tour a visit to the Railway Museum, which operates the former station Pedro Nolasco, in 1927.

Old Town is also famous for housing the chocolate factory boy. The space is open for tours and tasting offers shop to purchase various goodies. You must make reservations in advance, since the queue is usually large.


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