Vila dos Remedios

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The Vila dos Remedios, the only urban center de Noronha
The village of drugs is the only place within the urbanized islands of Fernando de Noronha. Is there that are sales, grocery stores, medical center. The village is known to have historic colonial architecture, since it was built by the Portuguese around the church of Our Lady of Remedies.

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The Vila dos Remedios is set in ruins and historical buildings preserved. The village is the main urban center of the island, who grew up outside the Church of Our Lady of Remedies, which was built in 1772 by the Portuguese.

The village also houses the headquarters of the administration of the island, called the Palace of St. Michael. The fallen ruins of the Fortress of Nossa Senhora dos Remedios, built by the Portuguese in the 18th century.

The Memorial Noronhense also part of Vila dos Remedios, with reproductions of old photographs and texts that narrate the history of the Island.

The Vila dos Remedios is located on the main island and is 545 km away from Recife and 360 km from Natal, Rio Grande do Norte. It was the capital of the former Federal Territory of Fernando de Noronha.

It is Vila dos Remedios who get all the services of Fernando de Noronha, from health centers, schools and police stations to the headquarters of TV Dolphin, the only TV station Noronha, affiliated to Rede Globo.

In Vila dos Remedios is located BR 363, BR the only that is not linked to any other national or state highway.


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