Vila Capivari

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The town is all decorated for Christmas, leaving a very charming
The Village Capivari is the place that tourists are to walk in the beautiful night Campos do Jordao reserve and learn about the traditional foods that have a Paulista temperinho special. There is also the meeting point of young students who live there and who seek to distract a little fun.

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The Village Center is Capivari tourism and meeting point in Campos do Jordao. In the midst of buildings built with European architecture, visitors will find fine restaurants, cafes and bars that cater to various tastes.

Shopping in Capivari is also a must-see attraction. The most diverse brands are present in the streets and malls in the city. Recent trends in fashion can be found in shops and boutiques, especially knitwear and woolen articles manufactured in the city.

You can also purchase exclusive products of the city as homemade chocolates, traditional beer Baden Baden, crafts and souvenirs.

In the winter season, holidays and weekends is possible to give free concerts and cultural performances in the main square, or simply sit and recharge while enjoying the scenery.

In the park there are several Capivari toys for the amusement of the kids, the cable cars that park at the Morro do Elefante, motorized inflatable boats, food, crafts, and Trenzinho Joy that leads the visitor to see many sights of the city.

In the center of Vila Capivari that focuses too much of the nightlife. Capivari The village is popular and receives nightly visits every day in their restaurants and bars.

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