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Admire the natural beauty of the beaches and the immensity of the sea in a quiet location guarantees an unforgettable experience. In the city there are lookouts along the waterfront where you can enjoy moments of contemplation or, for the most experienced, practicing sports.
Belvedere Gávea

It is situated on the beach Pitangueiras beside the hill of the plain, gives access to the Alameda Floriano Peixoto. Great spot for fishing and appreciation of the waves breaking nearby.
Lookout Morro da Campina (Maluf)

Ground zero of the city of Guaruja, geographical point that divides the beaches and Pitangueiras Cove. Ideal location for panoramic pictures and extreme sports like paragliding, abseiling and climbing.
Belvedere Sorocotuba

Also known as lookout Santa Fe, near the beaches of Eden and Sorocotuba, is part of the ecological station of Sorocotuba. It has a few bars, restaurants, built on the rocks along the coastal beaches. Access is across the road from the entrance of the condominium Pernambuco Sorocotuba.
Belvedere Coast of the Turtles

Lookout beach with view to the Bay and Coast of the Turtles, in place there is a restaurant with covered terrace and outdoor. Easy access by paved road to the end of Avenida Miguel Stefano and Avenue of the Turtles.
Viewpoint of Galhetas

Lookout for the famous view of the beach paradise of Asturias, the access is made by the Galhetas Street near the fish market in the neighborhood of Asturias. Great spot for fishing.
Lookout Water Box

Access by Migues Rua Alexandre Rodrigues, behind the fish market in the neighborhood of Asturias. There is a public water reservoir disabled in place. Good place to practice paragliding. Great view of Asturias Beaches and Tombo.


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