Victor Meirelles Museum

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Victor Meirelles Museum seen from the outside and showing the preservation of the architecture of the time
The Victor Meirelles Museum reserves the works today this magnificent painter who lived there most of his life. The building preserves a Luso-Brazilian architecture and brings together diverse works of the artist and daily receives many tourists seeking to enjoy these rarities.

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Victor Meirelles de Lima was born in the small town of Our Lady of Exile, now called Florianopolis on 18 August 1832. A poor boy, son of Portuguese immigrants, who still occupied his time in childhood drawing figures and landscapes of his idyllic island, won the world with his wonderful works of art.

The vocation was revealed early by their parents encouraged and supported by the official authorities of the era: the age of fourteen he earned a scholarship to attend the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro, and twenties, with the screen "are John the Baptist in Prison "- 1852, won the Special Award for Travel to Europe. Back in Brazil was awarded the title of Knight of the Order of the Rose and appointed professor of painting at the Academy.

The birthplace of Victor Meirelles is a typical Luso-Brazilian left of the late eighteenth, early nineteenth century.

Construction intermediate between the traditional door-and window-and the most exquisite houses, this house presents the basic characteristics of commercial architecture more frequent in Exile of the last century, where the upper floor was for the house and downstairs to trade - in the case , the warehouse of the artist´s father, the Portuguese Antônio Meirelles de Lima.

Although simple in design, the building is one of the few remaining copies of our nineteenth-century architecture still preserving typological and formal elements of the most significant buildings of that period.

The property was purchased by the Union in 1946 and listed by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage in 1950. Since 1952 the building houses the Victor Meirelles Museum as a means of preserving the memory of the great artist of Santa Catarina.


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