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Bar Vesuvius, where he met Gabriela and Jorge Amado wrote,
Bar Vesuvius is best known icon of the city of Ilheus, being the scene of one of Brazil´s most famous novels. It was there that Jorge Amado, sitting at a table in the window and saw Gabriela, dazzled by her beauty, created the book "Gabriela Clove and Cinnamon". In the chair he was sitting Amado today there is a statue of the author.

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Opened between 1909 w 1910, the Vesuvius Bar was founded by two Italians, Nicholas and Vincent Carichio Queverini and then sold to a Portuguese, called Figueiredo, who was married to a beautiful mulatto woman named Felipa. The third owner was Durval Moreno, a mulatto born Serelepe Islanders.

Upstairs the Vesuvius ran a theater owned by Sá Pereira, when he hears the sinking of the Bahia Ship Navigation "Comandatuba," which hit the stone Rapa, Sa Pereira, suspended section of the film and to help put the spotlight the castaways. It also worked the cabaret, El Dorado owned by Mario Cardoso.

In 1987, the bar was bought by a Swiss businessman, Mr. Hans Koella, which brought the Swiss officials to administer, which failed, then passed into the hands of an Ilheus nicknamed "Badalo" son of the traditional family, who tried but failed.

In 2000 Guido Paternostro, leased the property, making this major reform in the way of managing, retrieving whole tradition of Brazil´s most famous bar, and even a visit from Zelia Gattai, which is very thrilled with the new home and wrote in 2002:

"After a long absence I return to the Vesuvius of Islanders. Jorge Amado welcomes me, leaning out the window. On the other - window - Gabriela," pretty girl "delights the passersby. Nacib Zkemberge light of his grace the bar with the most delicious meatballs. Why, you Guido Paternostro, did you know to honor the tradition of the house. Congratulations, I hope to return often. "

In 2001 the Vesuvius Bar was listed by the city of Ilheus and historical heritage.


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