Vale do Rio das Antas

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Cradle of tourist activity in the Serra Gaucho, the Vale do Rio das Antas is one of the most appreciated by visitors, because of its unique natural landscape, full of valleys, rivers and lush mountains.

Made up of agribusiness ventures based family, the rural route has striking features, especially in lifestyle and cuisine, offering tourists unforgettable experiences with nature and culture typical of the region.

The valley also hosts sports, where many tourists go in search of adrenaline and adventure. The rapids of the Rio das Antas, the average level of difficulty, gather fans of rafting. There are 12 miles of downhill, earned after two and a half hours of adrenaline.

The Cascading is a kind of rappelling in waterfalls, is practiced in several waterfalls in the region, as the Marins, dos Prazeres, the Lion, the Rosary, the Hundred, the Calza and Salto Escondido. The various dirt roads amidst the forest trails as Eulalia harbor and Marins, with varying degrees of difficulty and allows tourists to practice the Mountain-Bike.

The tracks of howler monkeys and otters are the most sought for the practice of trekking. In transit between valleys, mountains and canyons are ecological reserves, grape plantations and waterfalls.

Trails, forests, vineyards and valleys in the middle of tunnels are operated by jipeiros. The roads are remnants of the first open access by Italian immigrants in native forest. Tours can last a day, depending on itinerary chosen.

The Iron Bridge is the scene of the canopy, which reaches 70 meters in length. The place is also one of the most sought after by practitioners of the pendulum.

Other sports like climbing, Abseiling and Canyoning attractions are guaranteed for laser and those seeking fun in the valley of the Rio das Antas.


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