Urca Beach

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Sugar Loaf in the background, surrounded by natural beauty
The Urca Beach is one of the beaches that attract tourists for hosting two very famous sights, the Sugar Loaf and Urca Hill. The Urca is also known for having the best institutes of military education in Brazil. The former Cassino da Urca is also busy tourist spot.

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The Urca is a traditional and frequented by the elite of Rio. The district has the currency neighborhoods of Botafogo, Copacabana and Leme. The Red Beach also enters the Urca. It is the small beach of Urca (with only 100 meters) to the Atlantic Ocean meets the Bay of Guanabara, ie, the neighborhood has both beaches with water of the bay (unfit for bathing) and Ocean beaches with water (own the bath).

The point is to Urca Hill tour of Sugar Loaf and Urca Hill, two wonderful postcards of Rio de Janeiro. The Fort St. John and the Museum of Earth Sciences highlights are two other locals who earn millions of hits daily.

The neighborhood is also home to some very important institutions in Brazil, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), the Naval War College (EGN), the National War College (ESG), the Military Engineering Institute (EMI), the Brazilian Center for Physics Research, the Benjamin Constant Institute, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State (UNIRIO), the Society of Mineral Resources Research (CPRM).

The former Cassino da Urca, that after the prohibition of gambling in Brazil hosted the TV Tupi in Rio de Janeiro and today is also tourist spot.

The Urca is considered the most peaceful city, with virtually no crime, due to the presence of an army barracks. It is also valued for being one of the few neighborhoods in the South Zone with no slums.


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