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About Uberaba

Uberaba is a municipality in the state of Minas Gerais, in Brazil, located in the Triangulo Mineiro region. Its population, according to estimates by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, is 299,360 inhabitants.

It is considered the eighth most populous city in the state and the 81st most populous in Brazil, with more than 175 neighborhoods and a growing population of approximately 3000 inhabitants per year. It is considered a hub city and its gross domestic product is the 72 th largest in Brazil.

Uberaba is reference when it comes to creating research and zebu cattle. Not coincidentally, the city hosts the Expozebu, a major cattle fairs in Brazil, with millionaires auctions, rodeos and concerts. The festival lasts 12 days and takes place in May, filling the hotels in the area.

Anyone visiting the city outside the period of the event, should not leave out the script Dinosaur Museum. The space in the garden displays a replica of a titanosaur in size, with almost 6 feet tall. In the collection are fossils, bones, teeth and eggs of other prehistoric reptiles, all the mining territory.

For relaxation, the spa offers waterpark Ubat thermal pools and whirlpools, and artificial waterfalls and a small beach formed by the Rio Grande. The complex also has a restaurant and camping area.


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