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About Ubatuba

Ubatuba is a municipality in Microregion Caraguatatuba in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The population measured by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics estimated the 2011 count was 79 718 inhabitants. The municipal area covers 710.783 km ², 83 percent of which are located in the Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar.

Ubatuba is one of the fifteen counties spas considered by the State of São Paulo, by fulfilling certain prerequisites set by State Law. This status ensures these municipalities a larger budget from the state for investment in regional tourism. The city also acquires the right to add your name next to the title of seaside resort, a term by which is designated by both the municipal official hours and state the references.

The city offers bristle 70 beaches spread over 90 km and attractions come in the form of coves and bays of green water and blue often framed by the dense vegetation of the Serra do Mar. There are so many quirky corners that you can not find one that is his style.

Its name comes from Tupi and at least two interpretations of Ubatuba. In Tupi, means canoe canoe while u´ubá means the cane-river, which is a grass that was used to make arrows by the Indians. How tyba indicates "gathering", the city´s name can mean either "gathering reeds-the-river" and "gathering of canoes."

What to do in Ubatuba

Ubatuba has 90 km long, with approximately 70 beaches, which allow to you what the coast of Sao Paulo has to offer.

To the north, toward Parati (RJ), good waves attract surfers Itamambuca and Felix. Have Prumirim and Almada are practically deserted, ideal for relaxing walks and quiet days by the sea.

Near Caraguatatuba, south, and the peaceful Domingas Dias Creek are frequented by families, while Great and Tenorio disputadíssimas have stretches of sand, being large and white, lets you mount your tent and enjoy the sunny day perfectly.

The city also has waterfalls, islands for diving, such as Anchieta and sprouts and lots of trails, making the state capital of surfing in free territory for fans of various sports.

Throughout the State Park of Serra do Mar, there are options that cover trekking beaches, coasts, rivers and ruins of farms, always surrounded by the Atlantic Forest. The isolated spots, but can also be operated in or boat rides on the boats of the natives.

In high season and long weekends in the nightlife of Ubatuba arouses lively and does not end anytime soon. In the vicinity of the beaches and Itaguá Cruise, downtown, bars and nightclubs invest in diverse musical styles. In the same region the restaurants focus on seafood and international cuisine. The highlight of the menus, however, is a recipe caiçara: fish with banana, called Blue Ocean.

When to Go to Ubatuba

In Ubatuba rains throughout the year depending on the proximity of the Serra do Mar, but the best time to make good use of the beach is the summer, which has a scorching sun.

In the summer and feriadões all services and attractions running at full throttle. During these periods, however, the large movement causes congestion in the city and access roads. In low season the beaches are virtually deserted.

To enjoy the traditions caiçaras go in June, when it happens and the Feast of St. Peter the Fisherman, an event that delights and lets learn a little more about the history of Ubatuba.

In September, you can follow the exciting Canoe Race, a competition that fascinates and impresses everyone.

How to arrive in Ubatuba


Gaston Wood State Airport
Guarani Avenue, 194 - Ubatuba
Tel (12) 3832-1992

Guarulhos Airport
Rod Helio Smidt, s / n
Tel: (11) 6445-2945

Congonhas Airport
Washigton Louis Av, s / n
Tel: (11) 5090-9000


Tel: 0300-115 2121

Tel: 4002-5700

Tel: 4003-7000


The road out of St. Paul the two buses daily to destinations at different times. Four hours of travel. From Rio, the bus trip lasts five hours.

Coastal Transport Collective
Tel: (11) 3775-3861 / (12) 3832-3622

Traffic Reunidas Paulista
Tel: 0300-210-3000

Useful Transportation
Tel: (21) 3907-9000


Road of the City of Ubatuba
Tel (12) 3832-6912

Road Caraguatatuba
Brasílio Avenue, 50
Tel (12) 3897-8175


By car, from Sao Paulo, are up to 186 km and 240 km to Caraguatatuba Ubatuba. Leaving the Dutra Highway or the Ayrton Senna / Carvalho Pinto, you must follow to Sao Jose dos Campos.
From there just follow the highway to Caraguatatuba Tamoios Ubatuba or from there to the Rio-Santos (RJ sense). Another possibility is to leave Sao Paulo Dutra or by Ayrton Senna / Carvalho Pinto to Taubaté. From there, take Route Osvaldo Cruz to Ubatuba.

Make a Suitcase to Ubatuba

The coast of São Paulo offers a warm temperature during most of the year, allowing you to enjoy the beaches with intensity. Because of the mountain, Ubatuba toast wins rain showers throughout the year, but that does not prevent you enjoy.

Like any planned trip to the coast, beach costumes can not be out of the bag, so abuse of bikinis, bathing suits, swimwear, beach exits, hats and sunglasses with sun protection. Do not forget to bring sunscreen, to take care of your skin while you play.

Speaking of skin care, lightweight moisturizer for feet, hands, face and body, and in some cases, can lead to skin cooling gel also solves, is inexpensive and is available in pharmacies and department stores. The repellent is also indispensable for anyone who wants to make trails, waterfalls and learn about the stroll through the woods Paulista.

Speaking of sports, be sure and wear sneakers, which are essential items for those who want to walk far without hurting your feet or rest your tired body.

When it comes to clothes, get lost, even more women. However, travel to the beach of Ubatuba no secret, which makes the head of the staff are wearing light clothing, large dresses, shorts, blouses and slippers. More if you want to know the ballads of Ubatuba then take over parts of social abuse and accessories to complement the look.

The drug kit is one of the most important tips, as well as being more economical for you is always good to have emergency tools around. So, put in a toilet bag remedies analgesics, continuous use, antihistamines, bandages, gauze, band aid, anti-inflammatory spray, ointment and saline solution, ideal for cleaning wounds.

Enjoy your digital camera to take and record every moment of the trip fantastic.

History of Ubatuba

Ubatuba was founded on 28 October 1638 by the Governor General Provision of Salvador Correia de Sá e Benevides, was created the town of Ubatuba, preconicio under the exaltation of the Holy Cross. In 1728, the village was erected in Canonically parishes and in the nineteenth century, on March 13, 1855, amounted to eliminate the provincial category City.

Tupinambás Indians were the original inhabitants of this region. They used to build their tabas at high points on the banks of rivers, for your protection. Cheerful, fond of music, dance and musical instruments such as flutes and drums, used the beer, a beverage made from cassava fermented, to brighten their holidays. Excellent canoe built their boats of cedar, and guapuruvus imbiricus to transport up to 30 people.

They lived in peace with their neighbors of St. Vincent, the Tupiniquim, until the arrival of Portuguese and French explorers, who struggled to get slave labor among the Indians. Incited by white Europeans, and Tupinambás Tupiniquins go to war, to recognize their dependence on foreigners. Then form the "Confederation Tamoios", led by Cunhambebe to fight the Portuguese.

By then, the gunner German Hans Staden, passing through these lands, becomes a prisoner of the Indians. Some months later escapes, and back to their homeland in the book relates the experience "two trips to Brazil," important document for the country´s history. Trying to control the rebellion of the Indians in 1563, the Jesuit Manoel da Nobrega and Jose de Anchieta departing from São Vicente bound to this region, known as Village Iperoig, with a mission to pacify the Indians by a treaty of peace.

Suspicious of the true intentions of the Portuguese, the tamoios take Anchieta as a hostage for five months, until they see secured "Peace of Iperoig." Some historians believe it was then that Anchieta wrote in beach Iperoig many of its 4,172 verses of the famous "Poem the Virgin. "

With peace installed, ensure the Portuguese possession of the region and founded the New Village Exaltation of the Holy Cross of the Saviour of Ubatuba. Later settle here sugar mills, sawmills, kilns olahia, farms and small industries. With the port for disposal of production, the city began to prosper, until 1787, when the vessels are now heading to the port of Santos, by order of the President of the Province of Sao Paulo.

Thus, Ubatuba enter into frank decay. This lasts until 1808, when there is a reopening of the ports to foreign trade. Take up the local port and it happens to be the busiest of the entire state, draining the production of the Vale do Paraíba and Minas Gerais.

In the city rise up numerous mansions which attest the abundant resources of local traders. Later most of them are demolished in the name of progress. The city enters into a new crisis with the construction of the railroad D. Pedro II, which connects the Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo, diverting exports from the port of Ubatuba.

The city is isolated again and does not recover in 1952 with the construction of the highway linking the Taubaté Ubatuba, SP 125, and later BR 101, or Rio-Santos. Today, both contribute to feed the tourist flow in the city, which receives up to around 800 000 are 1,000 million visitors each season.

Security of Ubatuba

Security in Ubatuba is well planned and each day gets more support from the State of Sao Paulo to implement improvements in order to receive better and more tourists.

Although the city is prepared to receive many tourists at the same time and meet the expectation of all, our collaboration so that all this is unioforme is essential.

Always go together, especially to places you do not know. Keep your belongings in bags or backpacks, and remember to always carry them in front, to avoid trawlers unnoticed.

When traveling with vehicle rented or prórpio, after 22:00 hours, pay close attention to cruzamentosw, traffic lights and street corners, because normally the streets are almost empty because of the time, making the place conducive to crime.

Always remember that there is any circumstance, the ideal is to not react and drive the police as quickly and safely as you can.

Useful Phone Numbers of Ubatuba

City Hall
(12) 3834-1000

(12) 3832-2288 / 3832-1427

urban public
(12) 3833-4002
Santa House
(12) 3832-7266 / 3832-7531
Women´s Police Station
(12) 3832-5260

Police Police
(12) 3832-1297 and (12) 3832-1333

Santa Casa Blood Bank
(12) 3832-6810

Holy House of Mercy
(12) 3832-7266

Disk Taxi
  (12) 3832-1235


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