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About Trindade

Trinity is a fishing village of rare beauty, with beaches and almost wild. In the past he was a hippie haven and only came to the site by foot or by boat.

Once opened a dirt road, which long persisted on site in days of rain was almost impossible to reach by car to the village.

Nowadays things have changed in the village, the asphalt arrived, and with it many inns, bars, restaurants and of course many tourists who come to enjoy the beauty of Trinidad and hectic high season and holidays.

The villagers are very helpful and if you have to ask about any track they will give you the tips. Trinity is near the beach sleep which is another nice place to be visited and is near the condominium Orange, about 5 km per track.

Remember Trinity is an ecological paradise not start flowers, leaves, and do not leave trash. To make the trails better go for the beaches of tennis. Being in Trinity not miss the opportunity to visit the historical center of Paraty.

Legend has it that pirates were hidden in the region French ships waiting to pass then looting them and, as a result, there is a lot of gold on the seabed.


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