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During the trip, you can take a picture of all the beautiful landscapes of Saw Curitibana
Getting around by train in Curitiba is one of the most fascinating tours. Meet the saw Curitiba, feel that tingly inside when passing bridges and enjoy the giant Brazilian jungle is priceless. The trip train bound for Morrisons, a charming city and that allows much more beautiful things for you.

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Getting around by train during his visit to Curitiba is an indispensable thing. The railroad, considered the finest in the country, was inaugurated in 1885, and continues to Paranaguá.

The journey is the destination will Morriston, a small and beautiful town, which also holds many things for you.

The tour, which enchants tourists of all ages, lasts about three hours and has 150 kilometers, 30 bridges and 14 tunnels dug in the hills covered with rain forest.

The trip can be done daily and leaves litorin, where the passage is a bit more expensive but the cars offer larger windows, air conditioning and onboard service.


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