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Mundaú Lagoon is one of most beautiful places in Maceió
One of the loveliest walks to do in Maceió, Mundaú Lagoon enchants and wonder why beauty has ever seen anywhere. With 600 square kilometers, the trip takes 4 hours and lets you see beautiful landscapes.

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In the south of Maceió, Mundaú Lagoon connects with the sea through an extensive network of canals that cut through the plain forming dozens of small islands.

With an area of ​​600 square kilometers, the pond has Mundaú bordering the municipalities of Santa Luzia do Norte and Dry Coconut, state of Alagoas.

The vast mangrove and variety of fish and shellfish are striking features of this environment of rare beauty.

Despite the impressive natural beauty, Lake Mundaú suffers from problems caused by pollution, mainly due to the release of waste from the sewage system of the neighboring towns, especially Macedonia.

Nevertheless, the Mundaú Lake represents one of the major ecosystems of the state, as well as important historical, cultural, social and economic.

Done on board sloops, the tour lasts about four hours. In the scenario, nine inhabited islands fishermen and lace, restinga vegetation and wetlands, fish and various crustaceans, and isolated beaches.

The boats depart from the neighborhood of Pontefract Bar, where live the most famous lace of Maceió.


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