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About Tiradentes

Tiradentes has a baroque sumptuousness of Ouro Preto and So Joo del Rei, but it is certainly the most charming of historic towns. In its streets paved with stones colonial boy feet, 18th century churches divide attention with the preserved houses made up of houses that are home to restaurants, inns, antique and craft shops to light their lamps at dusk on the facade. The lovely setting and has served as a location for films, serials and dramas, still displays an imposing frame - the Serra de So Jos, with typical mountains of Minas Gerais.

The carts stationed in Emancipation Square, invite around town with the right stops at major attractions such as the Fountain of St. Joseph, the Toledo Museum Father, the church of Our Lady of the Rosary of the Blacks, of Our Lady of Mercy and Mother of St. Anthony, the most beautiful of Tiradentes with works attributed to Aleijadinho.

Throughout the tour, learn about workshops that spread through the streets of the House is Right and mandatory program. Draws attention to the creativity of artisans, who make their work with materials ranging from wood to tin, through the paper mache and iron. The assorted crafts and taste is also found in the district of Bichinho, six kilometers from the center full of shops.

Funky, Tiradentes comes every day, no longer a merely historical destiny to become a cultural center - almost ten years ago is a backdrop for crowded events like the Film Festival and the Festival of Culture and Cuisine.

A good table, incidentally, is one of the hallmarks of the city. Mineirssima The food is served with plenty of restaurants that great pride in traditional recipes and ingredients to increase with the ora-pro-nobis, a type of leaf that gives a very special flavor to chicken and polenta. To spend the energy, make a trek to the top of the mountain - are four-hour hike with the right enchanting landscapes at 1,400 meters altitude.


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