Tibau do Sul

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About Tibau do Sul

Tibau do Sul is a Brazilian municipality located in the coastal southern state of Rio Grande do Norte. Belonging to the micro-region of the South Coast and the Greater Region East Potiguar, located south of state capital, this 72 km distant.

It occupies an area of ​​101.793 km , of which 0.3682 km are in the urban area and its population was estimated in 2011 to 11 664 inhabitants, by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, and then the 51st most populous state and the fifth your micro.

Tibau do Sul, which is only eight kilometers, earned cozy inns, restaurants and bars with different accents that make the nightlife of Pipa Beach pulsar strong not only in high season.

Tibau do Sul was emancipated from Goianinha in the 1970s. The version of its etymology is that the name is a reference to the fact that the municipality is located between the Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean Guararas.

Shortly before becoming county, Tibau do Sul was owned by a district under the name Goianinha Tibau, which was later changed to "Tibau do Sul" to differentiate from another Tibau, the most northern coastal city of Rio Grande do Norte located in microregion of Mossley.

Internationally known for being home to the Praia de Pipa, Tibau do Sul is one of the leading resorts in the state and an important tourism pole inductor, which began to develop in the 1970s, when several groups of surfers discovered and began to attend more beaches of the city.

This made Tibau do Sul grew rapidly in tourism, attracting more people from all over the world, becoming one of Pipas most cosmopolitan beaches of Brazil.


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