Three Borders Landmark

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On the left of the photo, Paraguay, on the right over the corner of Brazil and Argentina under the
The March of the Three border is a monument painted in the colors of our flag and that, where it is, we can see the landmark of the border of Paraguay and the border of Argentina in March. The framework shows the right spot where the three borders meet.

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A stone obelisk marks the point where Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay meet. Six miles from the center of Foz, the space has gazebo overlooking the Three countries and the meeting of the rivers Parana and Iguazu, a bar and souvenir shop.

The Brazilian Marco opened in 1903 by Marechal Candido Rondon and Dionisio Cerqueira. Argentina is already in March the banks of the Iguazu River while the Paraguayan Marco is on the right bank of the Parana River.

The three also painted in national colors form an equilateral triangle fixing the sovereignty and territorial limits of the three countries.


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