Théo Brandão Museum

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Théo Brandão Museum is one of the most magnificent icons from Maceió
Théo Brandão was a professor and a folklorist who has just donated many works to the Federal University of Alagoas, in the beginning, housed in one of its buildings. Today the museum has its own headquarters and receives thousands of tourists every day, curious to know the culture maceioense.

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Théo Brandão Museum of Anthropology and Folklore was established on August 20, 1975 provisionally and installed in box 3 Tamandaré Campus, in spit of Barra, in the administration of president Nabuco Lopes.

He received the name Théo Brandão, because it was created to house the collection of folk art that the teacher and folklorist Theo Brandão donated to the Federal University of Alagoas.

In 1977, during the V Brazilian Folklore festival, held in Maceió, the Museum´s collection was transferred to a building of eclectic architecture, located on Avenue of Peace, 1490, the center of Maceió, which became their headquarters.

The act of transfer of the Museum, leaving the campus to the Palace of Tamandaré Axes, the building was known as the Avenue of Peace, was signed by the acting rector, prof. John Azevedo, also the main organizer of the creation of the Museum.

Located in one of the main arteries of the city, the Museum played their roles as cultural center, perfectly integrated into the life of the community until it closed in 1988 and its assets transferred to the Cultural Center, pending the restoration of the property.

The decision to close the doors of the old house accelerated the wear on the building, the implementation of the restoration project was made possible in 2001. Despite the precariousness of temporary facilities, the Théo Brandão Museum desempenhas continued his activities in the community by promoting exhibitions in alternative spaces.


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