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About Teresópolis

Teresopolis is a municipality in Microregion Serrana, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It occupies an area of ​​770.507 km ², with a population of 163,805 inhabitants, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics in 2010.

Your center has an average annual temperature of sixteen degrees centigrade. Vegetation in the council, dominated by rainforest. Regarding the automobile fleet in 2009 were accounted for 36,336 vehicles. The municipality had, in 2009, with 75 healthcare facilities. Its Human Development Index is 0.790.

Teresopolis combines various styles of tourists. Couples come in search of romantic scenarios provided by hotels and charming restaurants, enhanced by fireplaces, kitchens and good wine first. Already families enjoy shopping in traditional crafts fair craft, while the adventurers will play in the National Park of the Organ Mountains. The reserve is home to the main postcard of the region, the peak Finger of God, 1692 meters of altitude.

To enjoy the beautiful rock formation there are several ways. Who does not want to make the effort to follow the Lookout Superb in clover city access and parking for cars. Already fans of adrenaline bet on more radical way: facing the crossing Teresopolis, Petropolis.

Three days of walking through the native forest, covering 42 km and sleeping in wild campsites within the park. The sacrifice is rewarded by waterfalls, orchids, bromeliads and giant landscapes unveil even the Guanabara Bay.

The reserve also toasting with fans climbing pathways leading to the culmination of the Serra do Mar - the Stone Bell, with 2,200 meters high. The park, however, is still generous with those who just want to relax, offering picnic areas, pools and tiny trails for strolling unhurriedly.

After enjoying the nature, the trick is to indulge without guilt of good food and shopping. The restaurants offer dishes perfect for the cold, as fondues and raclette, but reserve some surprises. This is the case of the restaurant Dona Irene, specializing in Russian cuisine.

The banquet, to be savored unhurriedly, is worthy of a czar. Already in Cremerie Genève, and savor the French recipes, clients find a shop filled with goat´s milk cheeses. Save room for dessert, easily found in the Upper Feirinha, between a box and other handicrafts and clothes, there is always a counter with pastries and jams.


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