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About Teresina

Teresina is the capital and largest city of the Brazilian state of Piauí. Located in North Central Piauiense to 366 km from the coast, and, therefore, the only capital in the Northeast that is not located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. It is the 19th largest city in Brazil, with 822,363 inhabitants, being the 15th largest state capital in Brazil.

You conurbada with the municipality of Maranhão Timon and together 972,998 cluster inhabitants, and the entire metropolitan region of Teresina Large crowds about 1,150,000 inhabitants. The only natural barrier that separates Teresina from Timon is the Parnaíba River, one of the largest and longest river in the Northeast genuinely northeast, ie, rises and empties into the northeastern territory.

The lack of beaches, however, is compensated by other attractions, such as the meeting of the rivers and Parnaíba Poty, good typical cuisine restaurants and good shopping in the question handicrafts and clothing. To alleviate the heat that plagues the city year-round, wooded parks and plazas spread along streets and avenues.

The most traditional tour of the capital is what leads to the meeting of the rivers. The boats leave from the Meeting of the Rivers Environmental Park, in the neighborhood of Old Poty, which houses a core of potters. In the back of the tour, meet the beautiful works.

To buy wood art, specialty craft Piauí, especially when the subject is religious. By Circle Craft Center, the Plaza Pedro II. Oratories, saints and biblical characters are the most beautiful pieces, as well as purses and placemats made from wood fibers buriti.

At the time of tasting the local cuisine, head to the other side of the river Poty. In the neighborhoods of Fatima, St. Kitts and Jockey are some of the best restaurants in town. To whet your appetite, taste tiquira, a spirit of cassava.

Among the main courses are successfully Capote, based chicken d´Angola, Maria Izabel Rice with minced beef jerky, the Paçoca (shredded dried beef with flour and pounded in a mortar) and Peixada of Piratinga, made with milk coconut and sweet potato. To follow, go to cajuína, an exotic cashew juice carbonated.


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