Taperapu„ Beach

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The beach Taperapu„ preserved with the most beautiful beauties
The beach Taperapu„ gathers lot of tourists because it is more lively and relaxing. Its clear waters allow diving and good use of baths. With breathtaking views, Taperapu„ became one of the beaches of Brazil postcards.

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The beach is the busiest Taperapu„ of Porto Seguro. 7 km distant city, the beach is known for having the tents of the most lively and catchy piece.

Huge tents with restaurant structure, the Axe Moi Turn Barramares Sun and vie for the attention of tourists with a lot of music, shows and lambaerůbica. The jinx roll loose on a presentation to another.

The beach has Taperapu„ very calm and clear waters, a relief for those who exaggerate the beer or the beats of various fruits.

Among the sports, the beach offers volleyball, beach soccer and kayaking. The walks like banana-boat happen daily and attracts many tourists.

At night, tents meet many people who seek fun and excitement on the beach. The restaurants and bars are surrounded by people who love chime.


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