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About Tamandaré

Tamandaré is a municipality in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco. 104 km distant from the capital of Pernambuco, Recife, the city consists of two districts: Tamandaré and Save.

The beaches of Tamandaré and Sheep are the most deserted south coast of Pernambuco. The feature, already worth the trip, is enhanced by beautiful scenery still circumvented by calm seas and transparent reefs forming natural pools, white sand and coconut trees.

Tamandaré is the county seat, with urbanized areas, summer homes and tents that receive tourists on weekends and in high season.

Already Sheep, accessible by road five miles, five land or the beach, which is about half an hour´s walk, it´s completely rustic. Besides the particularities described above, still has a river of green water that mixes with the sea at high tide.

To close the bucolic landscape with a golden key, branquinha a church, dedicated to St. Benedict, is surrounded by coconut trees and occupies a prominent place in the sand.

Who´s going to drive sheep down to the beach just across the roads that lead to the most famous bars in the area. The Bora Bora, with infrastructure kiosks, located in one of the most spectacular stretches of beach.

Already the site of Prainha offers more than drinks and appetizers on the menu are horseback riding and catamaran to the natural pools. One of the region´s gastronomic news was the arrival of the restaurant Beijupirá the region. Famous in Porto de Galinhas and Olinda, home capricha in recipes that combine fresh fish and local ingredients like banana, cashews, coconut.

For the sailors on duty, there are several routes made ​​by boat. The tours depart from the beach and Tamandaré vary with the seasons.

In summer, the most popular are the following to or for the Sheep Island Coconut. The Formoso river and mangrove areas are part of the off season tours.


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