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About Taguatinga

Taguatinga Administrative Region was the first to be founded in the Federal District, even before the inauguration of Brasilia. Today the city is considered the economic capital of the Federal District, with approximately 243,575 inhabitants.

The city was founded on June 5, 1958, on land that formerly belonged to the farm Taguatinga. The name comes from Indian and means "Hail white."

Indeed, the hawk-scissors, predominantente white, is very common in the region, although there is no record of the animal to be known as "taguatinga."

The modern translation, "Barro-white", it seems unreasonable, because it would be very curious to a place where the clay is completely red had the name "Clay-white."

Initially the town was called Sarah Kubitschek village, but later its name was changed to Santa Cruz de Wansbeck, leaving only Wansbeck. Often, it is called by locals simply as "Taguá."


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