Snorkeling na Praia do Atalaia

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Several fish swim and parade in front of you while you know the ending of the sea
The practice of snorkeling is constant in Atalaia beach, lovely place, with magnificent pools and ideal for snorkeling. There you meet a rich marine fauna such as sharks, turtles and schools of colorful fish.

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Snorkeling in The Watchtower Beach is one of the options for leisure and sport more sought after by those visiting Fernando de Noronha.

By owning a coral reef very close to the sand, the beach Watchtower becomes the best place to dive with Snorkel to Noronha.

In addition to colorful fish, brings whole families of rays and turtles.

The beach access is controlled by IBAMA, you need to get password to get in there and there is a stipulated time for swimming.

The trail to the famous beach of the Watchtower is divided between short track and long track, both with accompanying guide.

The trail is short 50-minute walk through a trail of sand.

Have long track takes almost four hours of hiking on a trail of sand and loose volcanic stones.


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