Serra Negra

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About Serra Negra

Sierra Negra is a municipality in the Brazilian state of So Paulo. The category hidromineral office is no longer the only fit where Serra Negra, is the fact that a visit to the Spa City to take a Scottish shower or massage is part of the script, however, the programs are not restricted to relaxation activities.

The adventure has gained space in the city, which today offers jeep tours and environments for practicing sports such as canopy tours, rappelling, rock climbing, tree climbing, among others.

The purchases, which have always been part of tourism in the region, have been encouraging and unusual tours that lead to the countryside. There, visitors acquire cheeses, pastries and artisanal cachaa directly from the hands of producers and learn about and participate in camp life. Since trade in leather goods and continues to mesh thousand, moving dozens of stores around the avenues Center.

During the winter, Serra Negra displays your most glamorous facet, with intense cultural program in the squares and people circling day and night through the city streets.

Bars and nightclubs in capricham musical attractions, restaurants while betting in savory dishes. In the month of July is advisable to book accommodation in advance.


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