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The beautiful green waters allow you to dive and discover the rich marine life
The practice is constant Diving in Fernando de Noronha, by having the loveliest pools in Brazil. The dives are well designed and safe, guided by professionals with special equipment safety. You have wonderful views and colorful shoals, stingrays, sharks and turtles.

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The practice of diving in the beautiful pools of Fernando de Noronha is constant and high demand by tourists, making the place. One of the best in the world for diving.

Among the attractions are varied and colorful shoals, stingrays, sharks, turtles, moray eels, barracudas, dolphins, sponges and corals.

The visibility reaches 50 meters and the island offers diving at night, only to accredited.
For those who have no habit of dive, local agencies offer the so-called `baptism´, a dip of about 15 meters in depth, guided by an instructor and that includes safety equipment such as wetsuit, cylinder, vest, mask and duck-feet.

Now, let us introduce you to the main points of dives offered in Fernando de Noronha.

Sea Inside:


The 62 meters deep at the Ponta da Sapata, the corvette Ipiranga is considered the best preserved wreck of Brazil. The ship sank in 1983 and is 20 minutes from the port.

In the Bay of San Antonio is the Greek Ship Eleane Stathatos, seven feet deep and sunk in 30 years. Being near the border, you can reach the place to swim and can be observed in free diving.

Slab Brothers:

The Slab Two Brothers is close to the rocks of the Two Brothers, opposite the Bay of Pigs. There are several rock formations encrusted with sponges where there are lots of fish, butter-rays and even sharks. Have the maximum depth of only 25 meters.

Hole of Hell:

Is on the outskirts of the Rata Island, is an underwater cave and has coralline formations. Its depth is 18 meters.


It is close to the hole of hell, the Cordillera is a rock wall 35 meters, filled with stingrays, cheetahs and many shoals.

Cabeço of Shoe:

It is a wall that reaches 40 meters deep and is in the vicinity of the tip of the shoe.

Mar de Fora:


The slab near the Ponta das Caracas has 24 feet of water and sponges taken by large walls, forming a corridor with fish, turtles and sharks.
Dry Rocks

The suite of rocks up to 15 meters deep and offers excellent visibility, as well as of interesting canyons and arches. The fauna gathers barracudas and turtles. The stones are nearest to the Dry Creek Caieira.

Frade Island:

On the beach front of the Watchtower and is 20 meters deep.

Middle Island:

The surroundings of the Middle Island are full of holes and caves, with a depth of 15 meters.


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