Scuba Diving

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The turtles are also in constant companionship dives
The practice of diving is one of the attractions of most recommended by the islands of Angra dos Reis. By owning swimming pools clean and charming, attracts many tourists who seek to better understand the marine fauna, performing dives, both as professionals to amateurs, with mask and snorkel.

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One thing very pleasant to do on a trip to Angra dos Reis are the dives by green waters of the sea.

It is hidden in these waters a lush and colorful marine life consisting of fish, crustaceans, turtles, corals, clams, eels, among others.

In the islands, just a mask and snorkel to enjoy the underwater beauty. Fans of deep diving on shipwrecks make the party across the region.

Among the best places to practice the sport are the islands Boots, Long and Sandri.


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