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About Saquarema

The title of the national capital of surf is perfect for Saquarema - in Itauna Beach waves reach three meters high and ensure the scenario steps host world championships of the sport since the 70s.

The rough sea, but no wonder families and the gang without intimacy with planks, which come in search of fine white sand, the structure of bars and kiosks and the beautiful landscape formed by still many ponds.

To envision it all at once, head towards the chapel of Our Lady of Nazareth, on top of the hill that divides the beach Itana Village, one of the busiest city on account of good waves and tents. The visual descortinado upstairs is among the most beautiful Lakes Region.

The national surfing mecca is also the land of volleyball and rocknroll. It is in Saquarema that the Volleyball Development Centre, coordinated by CBV and open to the premises and Museum Volleyball, full of trophies and medals.

Already the Temple of Rock, which has hosted the countrys oldest rocker - Serguei - you can check photos and personal objects of the artist, and hear him tell hilarious stories about the Woodstock Festival, and his friendship with singer Janes Joplin.


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