São Miguel do Gostoso

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About São Miguel do Gostoso

St. Michael´s Yummy is a municipality in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte, located in Microregion Northeast Coast, Meso East Coast Potiguar and Polo Dune. According to the IBGE in 2008, had an estimated population of 9093 inhabitants. It is located 102 km from the state capital, Natal.

Hidden in the exact spot where "the wind makes the curve", the village of San Miguel´s Yummy is one of the best places in the country to practice sailing sports. Fans of wind and kitesurfing, however, are not the only beneficiaries when they reach the village.

The class that seeks tranquility in beautiful scenery, rustic and cozy also finds landing right. Phones do not catch on Yummy, where the waterfront is punctuated not only by dunes, but also charming inns and restaurants, captained by most gringos that arrived and were unable to leave.

The village is actually a huge cove divided by parties. At the center is the busiest, with pools at low tide and make the joy of small native. On the issue of sports, the gold medal goes to the tip of Santo Cristo, with the best winds in the region.

The location is also perfect for bathing, once a dune invades the Atlantic and form a huge natural pool of warm and transparent waters.

The beach is considered the most beautiful Tourinhos with peculiarities like the jets of water splashing reefs offshore, and the enchanting sunset. To complete, has clear water, is deserted and houses a petrified dune eight feet tall. The buggies lead up there, but hope to go walking - are two kilometers worth.

The nights are quiet in Yummy, but on weekends it is common roll some buzz. One of the points is Madame Chita, mixed bar and creperie shop, with tables scattered around the streets and charming environment.

The caipirinhas of hog plum, hog plum with zest of lemon and banana with cinnamon are not. The movement is guaranteed even in J. bar Sparrow´s, in Ponta do Santo Cristo, a "pub beachy" with wood and thatch structure, rocker soundtrack and many foreigners.


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