São Lourenço

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About São Lourenço

San Lorenzo is a municipality in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. It is part of the famous Circuito das Águas de Minas. Its population in 2009 was 42,688 inhabitants. It has a land area of 57 km ², being one of the smallest municipalities and thus has virtually no rural area.

Residents and visitors will play at St. Lawrence. For the class of seniors, walks and paddleboat rides at Parque das Águas rejuvenate any citizen. And what about the sources that, according to residents, offering healing waters of anemias to ulcers? Also in the park, a spa with bubble baths and salts, Scottish shower, sauna and massage promise to relieve all stress levels.

Already those traveling with children, beyond the postcard of the city, located in hotels around the leisure center. Many offer pools with slides, entertainers and lots of fun.

Not to mention the full board, which features the culinary delights of the mining right with a table of desserts where fartíssima never miss dulce de leche, guava and cheese mines.

Suitable for all ages are the cable car rides - that leads to a lookout with panoramic views - and Mary-Smoke toward Soledad Mine. The trip on the river Verde lasts two hours - round trip - and is animated by guitarists.

Also worth a visit, the Brazilian largest collection of paintings and photos of Spanish painter Salvador Dalí. The collection is on the Foundation´s Up and Up belongs to the psychologist Elias, who was a friend of the artist.


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