So Joo Del Rei

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About So Joo Del Rei

So Joo del Rei is a municipality in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. It is the eighteenth largest city in the state. It is located in the Upper Rio Grande Basin, according to the IBGE city falls in the region of Strands Field, southeast of Minas Gerais. Polarizes cities of their region and southern Minas. Its human development index is classified as very high, with 0.816.

Grand, modern and contemporary bustling area. Cultural and quiet in its historical part, So Joo del Rei falls as a unique city. Featuring a wide range of architectural, which is not only restricted to the Baroque. In its historical part, protected from the rest of the city, you can see various architectural lines.

Mistaken to think that the city has emerged as a consequence of gold mining. At the time the camp was then created due to its proximity to Rio de Janeiro and was aimed at creating a warehouse between Paraty and Rio de Janeiro with the state of Minas Gerais.

The city has grown, but the tradition of ringing church bells, is to announce the beginning of the Mass or the hour of Ave Maria, is held in So Joo del Rei Despite the expansion, the stories and memories of colonial Brazil still alive Historic Center. Why there are beautiful houses and mansions such as the Solar Neves, which still belongs to the family of former president Tancredo Neves, and the church of Our Lady of the Pillar, with carvings of gold in profusion.

The old village also houses restaurants and shops offering coveted pieces produced with the regions other noble metal - tin, forming jewelery and decorative objects. The big nugget of So Joo del Rei, however, is not stuck in the Historic Center.

The church of St. Francis of Assisi is in the middle of a square adorned with royal palms. The golden altars are scarce, but were rewarded by exquisitely home in soapstone, crystal chandelier by Baccarat and the Mass Sunday morning, accompanied by baroque music.

To travel further in time, take the Smoke-Maria and head to the charming Tiradentes. The journey takes about half an hour, revealing the beauty of the mountains of St. Joseph

So Joo del Rei is also known for being a university town because of the learning centers of the county, the high variety of courses and the huge expansion of UFSJ. Will be deployed in the city the second medical school at the University.


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