São Conrado Beach

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High view of São Conrado, a lovely view and simply perfect
The beach of Sao Conrado originated after the construction of a road linking the periphery to the center of Rio Sao Conrado beach also has a ramp for the practice of free flight. The stone is Gavea postcard of the main beach of Sao Conrado. With broad band of sand is common in sports such as racquetball.

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Sao Conrado was the result of the creation of a road by Professor Charles Armstrong in 1912. The aim of the teacher was to facilitate access to school on the hill who taught Vidigal. Although the neighborhood of Sao Conrado is considered noble in the southern Rio de Janeiro, there is inequality the fact that the neighborhood is limited to the Rocinha favela.

The São Conrado beach is about 1km long and attracts an audience more relaxed, seeking a more relaxing and peaceful period, with pleasant walks along the beach. There are also tours for those who enjoy more extreme adventure, such as free flying a hang glider.

Ramp near the Pedra Bonita, practitioners of free flight jump-gliding and paragliding and land on the final stretch of the waterfront district, known as Praia do Pepino. In the neighborhood is home to the Academic GRES Rocinha.

The postcard of the area is the Gávea, the largest block of stone by the sea on the planet and attracts tourists from around the world for its beauty and fame. The 600-meter sand track also allow sports such as racquetball and footvolley.

At night the beach also gets hype, with open bars and restaurants that offer live shows with an amazing menu. For those looking to shake the neighborhood of Sao Conrado offers several venues worth checking out.


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