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The St. Benedict Church, built entirely in concrete, is a tribute to Italian immigrants who settled the region, becoming a permanent one of its main activity: the wine.

The altar and the church doors are wood, evoked canteens, four doors represent a barrel and bring its banks recorded the symbolism of the grape. Dozens of colorful stained glass windows further embellish "the church-shaped kite."

His building is fully concrete, measuring 13.50 meters in height and 22.50 meters in diameter and can accommodate up to a thousand people.

Address: Rua Xingu, s / n º - Neighborhood St. Benedict
Contact Phone: 54 452 3223 or 54 9978 4248
Neighborhood: Downtown
Hours of Visitation:
Monday to Saturday: 08h to 11h and from 14h to 18h
Sunday: 14pm to 18pm


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