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The Santos FC was founded on April 14, 1912, at the initiative of three athletes of the City, Francisco Raymundo Marques, Mario Ferraz de Campos and Argemiro de Souza Júnior who convened a meeting in the Club Concordia, located at Rua do Rosario No. 18 at the top of the old bakery and confectionery Switzerland, today Avenida João Pessoa, to create a football team.

During the meeting, questions arose as to the name that was given to this guild. Several suggestions have emerged: Concordia, Africa, Brazil athletic, among others. But the meeting participants hailed unanimously, the proposed Edmundo Jorge Araújo: the name Santos Foot-Ball Club.

The first presentation of the team, considered a training match, took place on June 23, 1912, in the field of Villa Macuco, against a combined site. The confrontation was won by the Saints by the score 2-1 with goals from Tool and Geraule Anacleto Ribeiro. The team took the field with Julien Fauvel, Simon and Ari; Flag, Ambrose and Oscar, Bulle, Geraule, Esteves, Sources and Anacleto Tool.

The first game had just happened as an officer on September 15, 1912. The Saints won the Saints Athletic Club, the current British Club by 3-2 in the field of Ana Costa Avenue, No. 22, where today is the Heart of Mary Church. The first goal of the encounter was marked by Arnaldo Silveira who was nicknamed Tiny. The first try is considered the club´s history. The other two goals were recorded by the Kid and Junior Adolpho Millon. The rookie team took the field with the following formation: Julien Fauvel, Sydney and Arantes, Ernani, Oscar and Montenegro; Millon, Hugo, Nile and Arnaldo Silveira Simon.

In early 1913, Santos received an invitation from the São Paulo Football League to compete in the state championship. This was the first official competition by the Club. The premiere took place on June 1, before Germany. The result, however, it was not pretty: defeat by 8-1. The Saints played with Durval Damasceno, Sebastião Arantes and Sydnei Simonsen; Geraule Ribeiro, Ambrose and Joseph Silva Pereira da Silva, Adolfo Millon, Nilo Arruda, Anacleto Tool, Harold Cross and Arnaldo Silveira.

Also in 1913, was first played, the Santos Football Championship, with the participation of Santos, America, Scholastic and Athletic Rosa. The Alvinegro Praiano was the great champion with six wins in six games, 35 goals and only seven against. This was the first title in club history.

In 1955, after 20 years without being champion Sao Paulo, Santos came back to win another state title. At the end of the competition, the team beat Santos 2-1 in Taubate, under the command of technical Lula. The team consisted of: Manga; Hélvio and Feijo, Ramiro, Ant and Urubatão; Tite, Negri, Álvaro, Del Vecchio and Pepe.

The following year, to win the Belmiro, brought by the hands of Valdemar de Brito, Pelé boy, age 15, which gave new impetus to the history of the Saints, prompting him to gains that extolled the Brazilian football on the planet. The Santos of Pele made his name abroad. Almost went around the world, delighting fans with his magical football superstars. Formed a memorable attack: Dorval, Mengávio, Coutinho, Pelé and Pepe. During this time, Santos was Intercontinental Twice champion (1962/1963), Twice champion of the Libertadores Cup (1962/1963), among other glories.

It was after Pelé, Santos Football Club continued its path of glory. In 1978 he formed a winning team. The Children´s Village, the nickname given by the youth team of athletes, won the Paulista Championship in 1978. Stood out at the time Juary, Pita, Ailton Lira among others.

The state would again be won by the Club in 1984. Already in 1997, was lifted the trophy of the tournament Rio-São Paulo and in 1998, the CONMEBOL Cup.

In 2002, the year the club has completed 90 years, the Saints won for the seventh time, a major national tournament, the Brazilian Championship. The team achieved the conquest was basically formed in the Vila Belmiro. Boys Village fever turned over Brazil and double Diego and Robinho became a symbol of football gaudy and joyful. The following year, with the base held the fish reached the runner-up of the Libertadores and the Brazilian Championship.

Already in 2004, came the eighth title in the history of Brazilian club. Even with Elano, Robinho and Leo on the team, the Fish played a championship in the form of points accrued exciting. The team took the top of the table only in the penultimate round of the competition. In the last game, 2-1 over Vasco and another pitcher to the gallery of securities of the Club.

In the years 2006 and 2007, fans commemorate the Paulista championship. The first was raised in Vila Belmiro in the last round of the state, which that year was played in the form of points accrued. The following year, the cup was lifted after a decision to 180 minutes against Sao Caetano. The two departures occurred in the Morumbi. In the first game, 2-0 to the opponents. The Alvinegro Praiano returned the score in the second confrontation, leaving the title to have had a better campaign.

In 2009, began to appear the third generation of Boys Town, led by Neymar and Goose PH. That season, the team took the runner-up Paulista. In 2010, with the ace Robinho as a mentor and also the presence of Leo - who had returned the previous year, the team won the first and Paulistão Brazil Cup in its history.

In 2011, another winning season and the return of Elano. First, the cup was raised after the decision Paulistão against Corinthians. In the first game, 0-0 at Pacaembu. In the second game, 2-1 in the Vila Belmiro. The clash also marked the first title won by Fish at Urbano Caldeira Stadium with a final knockout format.

Following the Libertadores Cup, the third of the fish, instead of digging in the history of the generation Neymar Club and Goose PH, and names like Arouca, Danilo, Elano himself, Captain Edu Dracena, Leo - Santos after more titles It was a Pelé, Raphael, among others. The victory came on Peñarol, Uruguay, which, coincidentally, had already decided the title of the competition with Alvinegro in 1962. After a 0-0 Centennial in Montevideo, the Fish won 2-1 at Pacaembu with goals from Neymar and Danilo.

The whole history of the Santos Football Club is now told in a museum in honor of the mega giant football club in Brazil. With rooms dedicated to Robinho, Neymar, Pele, among others, you will know more the history of the club and can see up close artifacts that were part of the club´s many achievements.


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