Santo Antonio do Pinhal

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About Santo Antonio do Pinhal

Santo Antônio do Pinhal is a municipality in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, in the Metropolitan Region of Paraíba Valley and North Coast Sub-Region 2-Taubaté micro Campos do Jordao. It is located at latitude 22 º 49´38 "south and longitude 45 º 39´45" west, with an altitude of 1,080 meters.

Its population in 2004 was 6827 inhabitants. Santo Antônio do Pinhal was elevated to parish in 1861 by the president of the province of São Paulo, José Antonio Henriques. It became part of the new parish farms Antonio Manoel dos Santos, Francisca de Paula Oliveira Godoy and Gregory José de Oliveira Costa.

Tiny and quiet, it is hard to believe that Santo Antônio do Pinhal is only half an hour from trendy Campos do Jordao. The neighbors, however, keep many similarities that make the joy of couples looking for a romantic getaway for a season. Among them, the chill of the mountains, landscapes framed by pines and pines, good food and the warmth of comfortable lodges at very affordable prices.

Framed by the Serra da Mantiqueira, dotted with peaks and waterfalls, the scenery of Santo Antônio do Pinhal is an invitation to explore nature. And the best way to discover the attractions and the most enchanting landscapes is through sports.

Among the radicals are the rappel, done in rocky cliffs and waterfalls; climbing toward the top of Pedra do Bau, almost two thousand feet high, and the free flight, which takes as its point of departure the scenic Peak Agudo. For those who prefer traditional activities, no light trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding, plus a thrilling canopy tour circuit.

Despite the climate of country town, Santo Antônio do Pinhal offers good shopping - but, of course, your style: simple and with great charm. Nearby are ranches and farms that produce different versions of goat cheese, honey purinho, orchids, among other treats, gifts irresistible to the eye and the palate.


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