Santa Cruz Cabralia

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About Santa Cruz Cabralia

Santa Cruz Cabrália is a municipality located in the Discovery Coast, Meso in South Bahia, Bahia State, Brazil. Dispute space tourism and with the municipalities of Porto Seguro Prado and the primacy of being the place of arrival of the Portuguese in Brazil in 1500.

Quieter than nearby Porto Seguro, Santa Cruz Cabrália, which is only 23 kilometers from Porto, has much to offer tourists.

In addition to setting the first Mass said in Brazil, in 1500, a symbolic cross marks the spot on the beach Red Crown, has typical landscapes of Southern Bahia, framed by a crystal clear sea protected by reefs and rain forest vegetation.

One of the nicest rides in the region is by boat, traveling to places untouched beaches of the village of Santo André and the coral reefs of High Crown.

Also the cultural attractions reinforce the recognition that the region so richly deserves. At the high end is Old City, where a square buildings are the 17th and 18th centuries and an observatory that highlights all the natural beauty of its surroundings.

Already beachfront, customs and creativity Pataxó Indians win an exclusive space, the Indian Memorial, on the beach at Red Crown, there are craft shops full of colorful jewelry, utilitarian and decorative items and a small museum.


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