Santa Claus Village

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The manufactures toys from Santa Claus, a charm!
The Santa Claus Village seems an enchanted valley, seen only in movies fairy tales. There is concentrated all the magic of Christmas booking, only that the whole year. You can learn many things as the home of Santa Claus, a toy factory, elves and the garden of the coolest, the valley of the reindeer, with real reindeer, imported from Germany.

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The center of Gramado reserve one of the most interesting and unforgettable attractions of Rio Grande do Sul is that there is a Santa Claus Village, a magic place that enchants everyone.

The village is built inside the Park Knorr and booking a world of fun and knowledge for children and adults. The park includes the home of Santa Claus, the first house built in the region and considered the Bavarian style mansion Knorr.

Cottage in Santas Village there are several giant bears that receive tourists and hosts. The Toy Factory, with 700m of charm and magic, is where Santa Claus and his helpers manufacture toys throughout the year.

After visiting the Toy Factory, captivated by the wonders of nature in the gazebo overlooking the Vale do Quilombo.

The most interesting is to know the reindeer of Santa Claus. Yes, Green Land in the park, right next to the Santa Claus Village is real reindeer, imported from northern Europe, which weigh about 150 for 300 kg.

The Santa Claus Village is on Rua Bela Vista, 353 - Center Lawn. The phone and email contact details are:

Phone: (54) 3286.7332


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