Sancho Beach

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The clean waters and transparent Noronha allow a charming landscape
Praia do Sancho many natural reserves for visitors to the islands of Fernando de Noronha. She was considered the most beautiful beach in Brazil, therefore, well worth knowing. The beach is recommended at any time of year, it has well-planned infrastructure.

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The beach at Sancho Bay was chosen by vote as the best tourist destination in Brazil.

Its crystal clear waters left behind Porto de Galinhas, which is also located in Pernambuco. Now the beach Sancho becomes the most beautiful beach in Brazil.

Sancho Bay is also one of the best places for diving in the country. Its clear waters provide excellent visibility and coral reefs are also full of marine life.

The beach is a great option for tourism all year round, but in some periods there will be attractions or special care.

In the rainy season, for example, visitors can enjoy two waterfalls that form near the beach. Among the months of January and July, nests of turtles occur, so the beach access is forbidden since 18 pm to 6 am, every day, until the end of spawning.


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