Saco do Mamanguá

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Amazing views and beautiful landscapes
Mamanguá Inlet is the only fjord on the coast of Brazil. For those unaware, Fjord is like an arm of the ocean that passes through the rainforest. By boat, you´ll know a bit more of Brazil, passing through mangroves and enchanting places. There are lovely mountains, two of which give name to the place.

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The bag Mamanguá is the only tropical fjord coast of Brazil, an inlet from the sea of green color that extends for 8 km until you quit the best preserved mangroves of the Bay of Grand Island.

All this wonderful setting is bordered by steep mountains occupied by the Tropical Atlantic forest and populated by a traditional community of caiçaras which still maintains its way of life, further enriching the living in this tropical paradise.

His landscapes enchant the stones on the beach shore, a strip of sand, clear water with fish charming, finally, a ride that´s worth.


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