Ribeirão Preto

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About Ribeirão Preto

Ribeirão Preto is a Brazilian city in the state of São Paulo, southeastern Brazil. It belongs to the Meso and Micro-region of Ribeirão Preto, being located northwest of the state capital, distant from this about 310 km. It occupies an area of ​​650.366 km ², of which 127.309 km ² are the urban and 523.051 km ² remaining constitute the countryside. In 2011 its population was estimated by the IBGE in 612 339 inhabitants, and in 2010 was the eighth most populous of São Paulo.

One of the richest cities in the interior of São Paulo through the production of cane sugar and alcohol, Ribeirão Preto guard also an important cultural heritage. In its vicinity is the Portinari Museum, located in the house where the painter, poet, politician and artist spent his childhood and youth. The construction meets frescoes, furniture family and the artist´s studio. A screen can be appreciated in the Portinari Chapel of St. Anthony in front of the museum, in nearby Brodowski.

Another city property is Pedro II Theatre, considered the third largest opera house in the country with capacity for over 1,500 people. Noteworthy is the huge drop hanging from the ceiling - the work of Japanese artist Tomie Ohtake Brazilian naturalized - and the Hall of Mirrors, with three art deco chandeliers.

The list of attractions of the city also includes gastronomy. Brook is full of starred restaurants that offer a real journey through the flavors of the world. Options range from Thai to Brazilian recipes, through the French, Portuguese, Japanese, among others.

For fans of beer mild, creamy and well drawn, a program is required: knowledge of the traditional taproom Penguin, who arrives to serve 250,000 tulips in a summer month. The matrix is ​​in the Square XV of November and branches spread by sophisticated malls in the city.

Those traveling with children will also find good programs like Splash water park, full of pools and slides, and Municipal Forest, with trails, observatory and zoo.


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