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In an area of ​​3 million m2 of former lagoons filled and turned into wetlands is located Tauá Reserve, with herbaceous vegetation rich in sedges and primary forests (Forest of early life on the planet).

Within the reserve is the only freshwater lake in the region which has a central role in the lives of migratory birds. Biologists say that the birds drink water there, is more likely to cross the Atlantic, because not contain wholesomeness.

The reserve is a natural breeding, with 300 species of butterflies, 83 of birds, orchids, Pau Brazil and 40% of the 1300 types of bromeliads found in Brazil.

A lot of shrubs make up the forest sandbank that is the 4th most endangered ecosystem in the world, which on a daily renews itself, preserving the flora and fauna in all its details.

The indigenous traces are still present, such as "flour mill" (equipment used to grind cassava) and middens of ancient cemetery, historical symbols of our ancient culture that remain intact.

There are about 7000 years old, the swamp was covered by the spotted sea, today is a fossil beach consists of several species of shells and oysters.

The Tauá Reserve is located in the region of the spotted marsh, near the border of the municipalities of Buzios and Cabo cold.


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