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The Sierra Emergencies in Buzios is part of the largest and most important reserves of Brazil wood in the territory of the state, it houses rare and typical examples of Atlantic forest and salt marsh. This region can still be found nearly extinct Golden Lions Tamarins and oddly enough, many trees of Pau-Brazil.

I have signed a decree creating the APA of Pau-Brazil, which protects six beaches and six islands of the coast of Cabo Frio and Buzios. This decree prevents deforestation, hunting, lots, open roads, and mining activities for at least the next five years, time for preparation of the management plan of the APA.

The mountain is characterized by massive coastal small Precambrian source, especially endemic species, which has only there and nowhere else in the world, like cactus "Piloso Sereus Ulei." In places sheltered from the wind, where the movement of sand is lower, the vegetation develops more, mostly shrubs and trees.

Within the APA are 12 thousand square meters of reserves of Brazil wood, which is screened by a team of the Botanical Garden of Rio Band is one of 14 protected areas of Brazil considered rich in vegetation and endemic center of plant diversity. Of the 14 areas, only two are in Rio: the Atlantic and the coast of Cabo Frio and Buzios, protected by the APA.

The occurrence of Brazil wood, archaeological sites, endemic plants, the phenomenon of upwelling and low rainfall make the region especially in ecological terms, this makes the ideal Serra Emergencies one of the best places for eco-tourism in B˙zios.


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