Redinha Beach

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Newton Bridge linking Redinha the neighborhood of Santos Reis, where the Forte dos Reis Magos
The beach is a tourist spot Redinha Christmas that delights and attracts people who seek to know what the North of Brazil reserves. One of the most popular postcards and visited Redinha is the Newton Bridge, which connects small net to the neighborhood of holy kings, where the Forte dos Reis Magos.

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The beach is currently Redinha most frequented by local residents seeking a bit of distraction on the weekends. She is famous for having houses and bars simple and rustic, good fish, and the famous swing with tapioca, a delicacy typical RN.

Considered an "Area of Special Tourist Interest", the beach Redinha is monitored 24 hours a day by 23 cameras that are installed around the coast of Natal.

After building the new bridge, a part of Redinha was revitalized, the area between Market and Public Redinha Stone Church was renamed Largo João Alfredo.

It is also the last beach town and the coast is that it is located at Newton Navarro Bridge, which crosses the river and connects the neighborhood Potenji Redinha the neighborhood of Santos Reis, eastern zone, where the Reis Magos Fort and Beach strong, and leads to the other beaches in the capital and the South Coast following the Coastal Highway.

Administratively, the beach Redinha is divided into two beaches. Old Redinha belongs to capital, while New Redinha belongs to the adjacent municipality of Extremoz.


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