Red Beach

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The Sugarloaf seen from the beach, it is exciting to see so much beauty in one place
The Red Beach is located in the neighborhood of Urca, one of the highlights of Rio de Janeiro. Its warm waters are favorable for water sports like diving and fishing. Red Beach is also known to reside there, one of the largest civil engineering faculties in the country, the Military Institute of Engineering - IME.

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The Red Beach, located in Urca, with small, is greatly appreciated by the surrounding landscape at the Urca between the hill and the hill of Babylon. With only 300 meters long, the beach has its Red plaid yellow sand that, when the sound gets left with a reddish tinge, hence the name "Red Beach".

Red Beach is increasingly attracting tourists who want to enjoy tranquility, natural beauty and delicious calm, crystal clear and warm with a breeze of evening quiet and friendly. Its clear and calm waters make it ideal for water sports, diving and fishing.

One of the main attractions of the Red Beach is the Praca General Tiburcio and the building where does the Military Institute of Engineering - IME, one of the best engineering schools in the country.

More is not this the main attraction. What attracts tourists to this area is the Rio cable car. The cable car runs along two routes, one connecting the base of the hill of Babylon to the hill of Urca and the other linking the Urca hill to the peak of Sugar Loaf.

On its edge is possible to find some bars and restaurants, which tend to serve not only visitors but also local residents, who also use the beach as a meeting point to enjoy the romantic sunset.

At night the Red Beach has its typical hype, with live music on the beach and clubs that receive tourists.


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