Recreio dos Bandeirantes

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Recreio view of the Alto, a lovely view of one of the attractions of Rio
The Recreio is a neighborhood in the south of Rio de Janeiro and its strong and choppy waters bring many surfers and search of adventure in the immensity of the sea. The beach is also known to be visited by celebrities. Because it is very extensive, the beach of Recreio has visited some places, ideal for those who want to rest.

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It is a neighborhood of the Southeast area of Rio de Janeiro, near Barra da Tijuca. With 11 kilometers long stretches she has little frequented by its immensity.

His native vegetation consists of salt marshes, sand and swamp much, and also that this region remained isolated for a long time.

His etchings and agitated bring out tourists looking to venture into the waves and surf. In addition, other sports like widesurf, racquetball and volleyball are practiced on the beach.

The beach is known for attracting many famous artists, seeking the Pleasure Beach to rest and relax a bit as it is not as sight between paparazzi.

At night the beach comes alive with surfers uniting adventurers who enjoy the night life of the sea to hunt giant waves with tourists in the seaside enjoying the moonlight in Rio.


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