Recife de Fora

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The beautiful and calm waters of the Recife de Fora, so pretty!
The Recife de Fora, without a doubt is one of the most wonderful places that exist in Brazil. His calm, clear waters allow the practice of diving, both amateur and professional, to know a great diversity of marine fauna.

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The Municipal Park Marine Reef Out was created by the government of the city of Porto Seguro, through Municipal Law No. 260 on December 16, 1997.

The Recife de Fora houses rare and endangered species from extinction, representative of the marine ecosystem.

It is located in the city of Porto Seguro and has an area of approximately 14.5 square kilometers according to the law that created.

It is part of the complex of coral reefs and which extends over almost the entire northern coast and northeastern Brazil, from the river mouth to the White Abrolhos in the extreme south of Bahia state.

Conservation Unit has two pre-defined areas where it is possible to release the visiting tourists. The first landing is allowed, what happens during periods of low tide.

During low tide, the main platform of the Recife de Fora can be immersed for up to three hours, allowing visitation without diving equipment. However, only a small portion can be viewed in this way, allowing the entire remaining area is preserved.

Inside the visitation area on foot, you must strictly follow the instructions of the park rangers and guides volunteers. The main rules are:

Respect the signs just within walking tour of the area
Do not bring any food or drink.
Do not feed the fish
Do not handle animals or rocks
Do not use fins
Enter the pool without jumping or diving.
Shouting or talking loudly just in case of emergency.

A second visitation area is intended for practicing diving only, not allowing the visitor to walk on the platform. In this area there are several species of coral, which makes diving a unique experience.

But it takes a lot of attention because the reefs are very fragile structures and diving is only accompanied by suitable professionals registered by the secretariat.


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